About Cass

Pouring Love & magic into the madding crowd

Open the Floodgates to Suppressed Feelings

Cass XuXin blends an unquenchable curiosity with passion & compassion, putting her gifts into the service of any and everyone she encounters. Her speaking and singing voice forms the essence of her Yoga practice, delivers a fusion of BreathWork, Movement & Yoga Nidrã, in both English and Mandarin Chinese. Totally inclusive, her class creates an intimate haven, bringing holistic wellness for all.

Ignites Dreams with Visual & Performing Arts, Cass is a founding member of Dreamsailors, an international collective of musicians, artists and wellness experts co-created with multitalented musician Richard Navarro during Global Pandemic 2020. Developing extraordinary events incorporating live performance, virtual reality, movement and meditation, Dreamsailors is dedicated to creating audiovisual experiences that guide audiences into a powerful immersive inner world, a world defies the narrow conceptions of nationhood and borders.

Cass manages the UK sales of Shanghai/Vancouver-based contemporary art gallery ART LABOR, an arty journey she embarked upon while living in Shanghai in 2008, continues in discovering and supporting new & established international talent.

In 2003, Cass co-founded Tonerider Ltd in China (relocated to the UK in 2009), a musical instruments business produces serious guitar & bass tone tools at affordable price. Each and every product is designed to perform in a professional environment, making a positive impact in working musicians.

Connect with her on Instagram @cassxuxin
⚠️Her smile is highly contagious, you are warned⚠️