Weekly Class in Whitstable Flow Your Mind

Come flow with me, by the seaside. Enjoy the ultimate realisation that Yoga is not about the poses, not how well you perform, not what you’d achieve…
There’s no destination, so slow down on your journey. Find Out More

About Cass’s Aśtanga Class

Based on Ashtanga Vinyasa Primary Series, this is a dynamic practice more physically demanding than most, be prepared to move, sweat, stretch and feel good! It may not be the first choice for complete beginners, but with the introduction of Pranayama (Control of Breath) and Bandhas (Energy Locks), both allow the body to build up strength without injuries, so anyone without ongoing health issues is encouraged to give it a go. Towards the end of the practice, a well deserved Śavasana helps the body to recharge in the meditative relaxation.

About Cass’s Gentle Flow

A gentle practice designed for busy modern life. Begin with a sequence of guided breath work, then move through a slow-focused, meditative practice which draws you deep into your own body, allows you to attune further to the language of the breath, and steep in the wisdom within you. Towards the end of the practice you are encouraged to lie down in Śavasana, a deep relaxation infused with loving mantra. This class is ideal for anyone looking for a slow yet powerful practice, or recovering from injuries, to build up strength, flexibility, and overall awareness of the body. By the end of the practice you’ll be ready for the rest of the day, with an uplifted spirit.

About Cass’s Pilates (mat based)

Focus on issues of different parts of the body – core strength, back pain, shoulder stiffness, bad posture, etc – Pilates is suggested for people looking for a body orientated practice, or recovering from injuries, to build up strength, flexibility, and overall awareness of the body. During the class you’ll also learn and practice proper breathing, which is often taken for granted therefore overlooked. Using resistant band (provided), Cass will lead you through a unique mat based Pilates practice, with elements borrowed from yoga.

About Cass’s YogaNidrã

This ancient yogic practice is both a form of deep relaxation and a mind-body therapy, noted for the immediate physical and emotional benefits to stress and anxiety. Being practiced lying down on a mat, wrapped up in blankets and propped with cushions and other props, it’s completely accessible to all abilities and experience.

YogaNidrã is THE technique that increases awareness of sensation in the muscular, connective and nerve tissues. Under the voice guidance, your nervous system will relax in the most powerful way available to humans, without chemical agents. Once you reach this state of physical and mental relaxation, the mind becomes receptive to new concepts.

About Cass’s Private Lessons

Private lesson is a great way to try out yoga for the first time, or to find the suitable practice for each individual, as our body anatomy is similar but unique, and our need vary. It’s also best value for money and great fun if you could gather a few like minded friends to do it together.