Hypnotic Sound :Immersion 浸浴

Hypnotic sound – Unmissable Healing Journey

A collaborative live event featuring Gongs, Sacred Ambient Music and
Hypnotic Storytelling from London-based Sound Artist Simone Salvatici and Canterbury’s Cass XuXin.

Immerse yourself in the vibration, and be led into an altered state via music and speech from this amazing duo.

Passed event:
Sound Bath @Curzon Cinema Canterbury

Saturday 25th January, 2020
Sound Bath 10:00am – 12:00pm
AfterParty & Meet Up 1:00pm @Lilford Gallery

At Curzon Cinema, Canterbury, you are guaranteed impressive sound system, and settings that insist on comfort. Simone will bring you an artfully composed performance previously played in venues such as Tate Modern, Natural History Museum, V&A Museum and Sadlers Wells Theatre. The magical storytelling from Cass will guide you to immerse in the vibration that shared between us humans and the nature.

No words could fully capture this experience. this is a rare occasion where you could touch the Altered State of Consciousness, to be the change you want to see.

As Sound Bath becoming more and more main stream, people with vary experience are trying their hands on this ancient practice, claiming many unsupported benefit. To tune into the right note, and breathing new life to this sacred art of sound, Immersion + 浸浴 is an Innovative Sound Healing Journey like no other!

About Simone Salvatici

Simone is a London based composer, multi-instrumentalist, Sound Artist and Sound Therapist. His music often associates with Minimalist, Ambient, Drone and Spiritual Trance Genre.

In the last 20 years Simone released many records of collaborative projects with filmmakers, directors and visual artists. He also performed in venues such as Tate Modern, Natural History Museum, V&A Museum, Sadlers Wells Theatre, Centre of Contemporary Art Glasgow, to name just a few.

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