Midsummer Night’s Dream

Summer 2008, by the holy lake in Pushkar, India, something I saw changed my view of yoga, fundamentally.

It was a perfect summer day, at sunset the air was pleasantly warm. Out of the blue, from the lake an elderly man climbed out, long slim limbs wrapped in white clothes soaked with water, he then started his yoga practice, on the dusty land by the lake. I couldn’t take my eyes off of him, even though I knew I shouldn’t stare, but he didn’t care, he didn’t even notice me. There’s only him and his practice, there and then.

Back then, as someone relatively new to this ancient practice, my knowledge was skin deep. I wanted to achieve all those amazing poses, Fast! But what I saw that summer night channeled me to something different. Yoga is not about the fancy outfit or high-end gear; it’s not about which great teacher you follow; It’s not about how flexible/inflexible, nor how excellently you could manage those poses. To me, yoga is about truthfully live and let live, it’s about here and now.

Everyone is on their own journey, with body the only vehicle, and the mind behind the wheel. As a yoga asana instructor, I’m honoured to be able to share the knowledge I’ve gained, to help anyone who’s willing to explore the beauty in life. So often I hear “Yoga is not for me, I can’t even touch my toes…” I’ll say: ”Give it a go, see what happens…”

Ready to start your journey? I’m here for you, with all my heart.

Love & Light,

Cass Xuxin

Summer 2016

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