Mindscape – Whitstable Workshop

Mindscape – A Transformational Journey

Shakti Den – Whitstable

An open invitation:
• To be seen, heard & cherished as exactly who you are
• To turn off the delusional “mind radio”
• To tune in to your inner barometer
• To start living your life unlimited

Event details:

Sunday 1:30pm-4:00pm UK Time
Venue: Shakti Den – Whitstable
Address: 166D, Cromwell Road, CT5 1NA
Cost: £35.00
Space strictly limited Confirm yours Here

Included in the cost
• Transformational Coaching provoking long lasting change
• Precisely crafted BreathWork, Movement & Yoga Nidrã
• Group discussion over drinks & treats (TRIP CBD Drinks & Energy Balls)
meet your transformational host
Pauline (@imagineiflove) is an experienced Transformational Coach with a demonstrated history of working with CEOs and their leadership teams in many different industries. She works with C-suite and senior business leaders, helping them to be the best they can be, to know who they truly are and live a life unlimited.
After years helping people who appear ‘successful’ in life, yet feeling challenged with repeated issues, blocks and failed relationships, Pauline created imagineif.love to bring everything she’s learned, in life and as a coach, to anyone who wants to live with more ease, freedom and peace. Her sessions help people to realise what’s real and what isn’t, and to make meaningful change – they start to experience life differently, without being limited by their thinking.
**Ancient Art of Deep Relaxation

YogaNidrã: this ancient yogic practice is both a form of deep relaxation and a mind-body therapy. Being practiced lying down on a mat, wrapped up in blankets and propped with cushions and other props, it’s completely accessible to all abilities and experience.
YogaNidrã is THE technique that increases awareness of sensation in the muscular, connective and nerve tissues. Under the voice guidance, your nervous system will relax in the most powerful way available to humans, without chemical agents. Once you reach this state of physical and mental relaxation, the mind becomes receptive to new concepts.
As we access the subconscious through specifically designed sequences of visualisations, you will have an opportunity to implant an affirmation of your choice, which will then manifest in your life.

*Dates for 2021
19th September
Space strictly limited Confirm yours Here