Yoga Nidrã

Moving Into Stillness – Yoga Nidra

Tower House @ Westgate Gardens, Canterbury

March 15th
Space strictly limited
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Price: £20.00

Structure of the workshop

Sunday 7:30pm – 9:00pm, doors open 7:15pm
15mins Warm up with a cup of tea, or a glass of Prosecco.
30mins Gentle Flow (yoga) & Pranayama (breath work);
45mins YogaNidrã, blissful meditative deep relaxation;

Ancient Art of Deep Relaxation

This ancient yogic practice is both a form of deep relaxation and a mind-body therapy. Being practiced lying down on a mat, wrapped up in blankets and propped with cushions and other props, it’s completely accessible to all abilities and experience.

YogaNidrã is THE technique that increases awareness of sensation in the muscular, connective and nerve tissues. Under the voice guidance, your nervous system will relax in the most powerful way available to humans, without chemical agents. Once you reach this state of physical and mental relaxation, the mind becomes receptive to new concepts.

As we access the subconscious through specifically designed sequences of visualisations, you will have an opportunity to implant an affirmation of your choice, which will then manifest in your life.